Konnex KCD 5074 Blue zoo

Borah Bergman/Thomas Borgmann/Peter Brötzmann

Borah Bergman, piano; Thomas Borgmann, sopranino and tenor saxophones; Peter Brötzmann, bass clarinet, alto and tenor saxophones

  1. Clear visions [part I] (02.23)
  2. Clear visions [part II] (09.22)
  3. Clear visions [part III] (02.29)
  4. Blue zoo [part I] (06.37)
  5. Blue zoo [part II] (05.26)
  6. Right now is as good a time as any (10.04)
  7. Stride ahead (12.25)
  8. One block west (05.32)
Recorded at Rote Fabrik Zürich on 5 June 1996, with the exception of track 2, recorded at Mixtery Studios, Trumbull, CT, USA on 9 June 1996.

Design (reproduced above) by Brötzmann.

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