Dossier ST 7507 Tomorrow is here

Tony Oxley's Celebration Orchestra

Johannes Bauer, trombone; Gerd Dudek, soprano and tenor saxophone; Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, clarinet and alto saxophone; Larry Stabbins, soprano and tenor saxophone; Ulrich Gumpert, piano; Phil Wachsmann, violin; Alex Kolkowski, violin; Paolo Damiani, piccolo bass; Marcio Mattos, cello; Barry Guy, bass; Ali Haurand, bass; Willi Kellers, drums; Nigel Morris, drums; Ettore Fioravanti, drums; Christoph Haberer, drums; Tony Oxley, leader and drums.

Introduction (01.23), Invitation to Karlovyvary (18.06), Third triad (01.55), Continuation of third triad (24.01).

Recorded on 31 October 1985, live, at the Philharmonie in Berlin.

Cover painting (reproduced above) by Tony Oxley; photograph by Dieter Speck.

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