Kukuruku Recordings HMS concert

London Improvisers Orchestra

Neil Metcalfe, flute; Rowland Sutherland, flutes; Noura Sanatian, violin; Alison Blunt, violin; Renée Baker, violin; Ivor Kallin, viola; Marcio Mattos, cello; Peter Nicholson, cello; Una MacGlone, double bass; Guillaume Viltard, double bass; Ricardo Tejero, clarinet, tenor saxophone; John Rangecroft, clarinet, tenor saxophone; Noel Taylor, bass clarinet; Pete Furniss, clarinet, bass clarinet; Adrian Northover, soprano and sopranino saxophones; Roland Ramanan, trumpet; Ian Smith, trumpet; Loz Speyer, trumpet; Alan Tomlinson, trombone; Federico Reuben, electronics; Jim McEwan, electronics; Adam Bohman, amplified objects; Steve Beresford, melodica, piano; Elisabeth Harnik, piano; Aine O'Dwyer, harp.

  1. (10.55)
  2. (10.59)
  3. (14.01)

Recorded extracts from a concert at HMS President on 4 December 2011 featuring conductions by Alison Blunt, Adam Bohman, Roland Ramanan, Steve Beresford, Noel Taylor, Adrian Northover and Ricardo Tejero, and free improvisations.

Produced in an edition of 300 CD-Rs.

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