2:13 Music 01 Relay III - Random play

Various musicians

Sarah Allen, flute; Burkhard Beins, drums; John Bisset, guitars, etc; John Edwards, double bass; Suzanna Ferrar, violin; Dave Fowler, drums; Charles Hayward, drums, melodica, swanee whistle, voice; Ivor Kallin, violin, viola, voice; Caroline Kraabel, alto saxophone, voice; Lester Moses, soprano saxophone, flute; Maggie Nicols, voice, taps; Eddie Prévost, drums; Alan Wilkinson, baritone and alto saxophone, voice.

Knotted string [CH/LM/CK] (01.46), Rants [MN/IK/EP] (00.32), Chunky [IK/DF/AW] (02.13) Gabble gobble [CK/BB/JB] (01.49), Exit/enter [EP/IK/MN - SA] (03.03), Oh my gawd [DF/SF/JE - MN] (01.13), Crazy man [CK/JB/CH] (04.18), Taps [EP/MN/LM - IK] (01.23), Stricly three [CH/CK/JB] (00.19), Sawing [IK/CH/JB] (01.30), How do we do? [JE/LM/SA] (01.30), Leaving church [CH/JB/CK] (02.01), Rusks [MN/IK/EP] (00.47), Quartet [JE/LM/SF/MN] (01.48), Bric-a-brac [EP/CH/JB] (03.09), Scree [JE/SA/LM] (02.39), A quiet bit [SF/MN/DF - EP] (01.22), D minor [CH/CK/JB] (02.24), Two cocks [AW/LM] (03.16), Poet? [BB/SA/JE/?] (02.04), Skinning [EP/SF/MN] (02.03), Strokey [BB/JB/CK] (03.28), Guts [MN/IK/EP] (00.51), Lament [AW/LM/CH] (02.52), To the library [CH] (00.18), Drongings [EP/MN/CH] (02.36), G.B.H [AW/LM/CH] (03.10), The rules [MN] (00.27), Bridie [BB/CK/JB] (03.41), Tinsel [AW/IK/DF] (02.21), Way to tent? [SF/LM/MN] (01.52), Lyrique [DF/MN/SF] (00.39), A bit more... [EP/JE/CK/MN] (01.47), Clive Graham turns himself off (00.20).

A batonless impro circuit: Stoke Newington, 18 June 1995. 13 musicians/3 venues: Tent, Clissold Park; 2:13 Club, Library Gallery; Church Hall, Defoe Road. At 2:13pm three trios started playing - one in the Tent, one in the Gallery and one in the Church Hall. After ten minutes the remaining musicians set out, and when one of them entered a venue they ousted one of the trio playing there - who went off to another venue and displaced another musician - and so on... This CD presents dramatic highlights from 9 hours of recordings.

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