2:13 Music 006 The Ice Queen and the Sun King: radio plays by children

The London Electric Guitar Orchestra (L.E.G.O.)

John Bisset; Viv Dogan Corringham; Jörg Graumann; Ivor Kallin; Steve Mallaghan; Rick Nogalski; Nigel Teers.

  1. Batman, Robin and the donkey (05.35)
  2. In the bag (02.17)
  3. The good, the bad and the ugly (05.07)
  4. Golder versus Tommy (04.25)
  5. Poodley Doo! (06.13)
  6. Three blobbies and a bad bad wolf (04.40)
  7. (The exciing lives of) Ginghes and Roger (04.35)
  8. The gold nicker and the bad knight (10.00)
  9. Mrs P. and Mrs D. (04.01)
  10. The babyeaters (05.30)
  11. The warrior's house (03.10)
  12. A big bite (or a bloody row) (05.10)
  13. The crying baby (02.52)
'These plays were written between 1990-1997 by children aged 6-9 at Hugh Myddleton and Hanover Primary Schools, Islington, North London. They were improvised verbally while I typed on a portable typewriter, trying to keep up. ... The recordings on this disc were made in a similarly direct manner, in single takes, at LEGO HQ, Brick Lane, and in various kitchens and bedrooms. All music and sound effects were improvised with whatever was at hand. They were performed by LEGO for broadcast on Resonance FM in summer 1998, on the daily morning show 'GO! For children of all ages'.' excerpt from sleeve notes by John Bisset.

Cover illustration (reproduced above) by Kamay Kan.

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