Leo Lab CD 018 Ghost-in-the-machine featuring Evan Parker

Ghost-in-the-machine/Evan Parker

Christer Irgens-Moller, piano, keyboards, voice; Peter Friis Nielsen, electric bass; Pere Oliver Jorgens, percussion, drums; Martin Klapper, amplified objects, dictaphone, tapes, toys; Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones.

Beginnings (04.28), Highup (05.38), Hipawl (04.57), Throy (03.11), Intertuba/Extremii (13.42), Radio Djibouti (04.52), Tivoli after dark (07.40), Free techno (02.52), The base piano (03.15), Birds in cages (05.44), Train (12.22).

Recorded on 25 September 1993 at Focus Recording, Copenhagen; except Intertuba/Extremii recorded on 26 September 1993 at the State Art-museum, Copenhagen.

Front cover sculpture (reproduced above) Monsters by V.Kobzev.

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