Leo CD LR 256 Insect attracter: compositions for ensemble

Eugene Chadbourne Insect and Western

Carrie Shull, oboe; Brian Ritchie, acoustic bass, shakuhachi; Eugene Chadbourne, 5-string banjo; Mischa Feigin, balalaika; Jose Conroy, violin; Carrie Biolo, vibraphone; Charles Waters, soprano saxophone; Steve Good, bass clarinet; Bob Stagner, drums; Bruce Wagner, mandolin; Brent Dunn, bass; Tom Heasley, tuba; Ashley Adams, bass; Gino Robair, mandolin; Dan Plonsey, clarinet; Bunk Gardner, flute; Barry Mitterhof, mandolin; Ted Reichman, accordion: Gathering (18.44); recorded in 1997 and 'collected from many sources and compiled in the Psychadelic Laboratory'.

Eugene Chadbourne, electric guitars, electric bass, banjo, bass banjo, electic toaster, Casio Rap Man, Heevix Jam Master, electric ladybug; Bob Stagner, percussion; Dennis Palmer, cheap electronics, synthesizer made by someone's father, Casio Rap Man; Charles Waters, soprano and alto saxophone, bass and Bb clarinets, Casio Genius box: Termit damage (16.03); recorded in Chattanooga, December 1997.

Carrie Shull, oboe; Eugene Chadbourne, 5-string banjo and personal effects; Leslie Ross, bassoon, shawm; Alex Ward, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone; Pat Thomas, piano and bargain electronics; Paul Lovens, selected drums and cymbals, Stradivarius saw: The cricket in my life (09.23); recorded in Bern, March 1997.

Eugene Chadbourne, 5-string banjo; Tom Heasley, tuba; Ashley Adams, bass; Gino Robair, percussion; Dan Plonsey, alto and soprano saxophone, clarinet: The swat (03.39); recorded in Berkeley in November 1997.

Carrie Shull, oboe; Brian Ritchie, guitar bass, shakuhachi, didjiridoo, Moroccan bugle, home-made clarinet; Eugene Chadbourne, 5-string banjo; Ted Reichman, accordion, piano; Barry Mitterhof, mandolin, tenor banjo: The cricket in my life (18.44); recorded in New York in August 1997.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Eugene Chadbourne.

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