Leo LR 315 Music for long attention spans

Herb Robertson and the Double Initiatives

Herb Robertson, trumpet, soprano posthorn, saxpiece, bonepiece, voice, whistles, toys, bells; Steve Swell, trombone, cymbalophone; Bob Hovey, trombone, percussion, voice; Hans Tammen, endangered guitar; Chris Lough, bass; Tom Sayek, drums, percussion, voice.

  1. The status quo (06.37)
  2. Time out/Zipangu (17.15)
  3. Future perfect (23.50)
  4. Tickle me crazy (08.06)
  5. Beehive secrets (14.40)
Recorded at the Northeast Corridor, Metro Park, New Jersey on 11 June 2000.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Lora Denis.

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