Leo LR 379 Alder brook

Evan Parker and September Winds

Hans Anliker, trombone; Evan Parker, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, contrabass saxophone (tubax); Peter A. Schmid, bass clarinet, contrabass contrabass saxophone (tubax), taragot; Reto Senn, clarinet, bass clarinet, taragot; Jürg Solothurnmann, alto and soprano saxophone.
  1. Poclabacla [HA/PAS/RS] (04.38)
  2. Seesicht [all] (07.52)
  3. Sagstrio [EP/PAS/JS] (07.21)
  4. Z'blau wunder us Jenins [all] (11.22)
  5. Nepente di oliena [all] (07.09)
  6. Cinghiali [EP/PAS] (05.41)
  7. Fletri [all] (07.28)
  8. Pinot gris [all] (07.14)
  9. Klappe! [all] (04.40)
  10. Garanoir [all] (05.22)
  11. Poclabacla II [HA/PAS/RS] (02.35)
Recorded live on 12 September 2002 at Kirche Erlenbach, Switzerland.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Lora Denis.

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