Locus Solus LSR002 Double agent(s): live in Japan volume two

Charles Hayward

Charles Hayward, drums, voice, tapes, melodica, whistles, percussion with (as indicated on individual tracks): Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone, clarinets; Keiji Haino, guitar, voice; Yoshihide Otomo, turntables, CD player, sampler; Tatsuya Yoshida, drums, voice.
  1. Split personalities [CH/KH] (13.09)
  2. Neurological focus shift [CH/TY] (04.35)
  3. Crisis on earth two [CH/YO] (12.28)
  4. Parallel universe [CH/PB] (11.58)
  5. Crisis on earth three [CH/PB/KH] (19.07)
  6. The most dangerous earth of all [CH/PB/KH] (08.52)
Recorded live in Japan , 24-29 April 1996.

Cover (front cover reproduced above) by Charles Hayward and Sue Lawes.

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