Long Song Records LSRCD139/2016 No time left!

The Brooklyn Express

Daniele Cavallanti, tenor saxophone, ney flute; Herb Robertson, cornet; Steve Swell, trombone, flute; Joe Fonda, double bass, flute; Tiziano Tonini, drums.

  1. Brooklyn: Monday soundcheck (02.37)
  2. New York funeral blues... (for Ornette C) (06.56)
  3. Untitled #1 (for Gil Evans) (11.38)
  4. Song for Harry Miller (12.03)
  5. Cyrill, the inspirer (12.14)
  6. Slaps, tone & drones (for Bill Dixon) (20.29)
  7. I see you now, Jim! (for Jim Pepper) (04.29)
Recorded on 15/6 June 2015 at Douglass St. Studio, Brookly, New York.

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) and design by Michele Peretti.

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