Loose Torque LT004 Calling signals

Frode Gjerstad/Louis Moholo/Hasse Poulsen/Nick Stephens

Frode Gjerstad, alto saxophone; Louis Moholo, drums; Hasse Poulsen, guitars; Nick Stephens, double bass.

  1. Fjord deep, mountain high (05.40)
  2. Threeways meet (04.42)
  3. Crossing the bar (19.40)
  4. Dots and dashes (04.39)
  5. The last three notes (07.43)
  6. Drums'n'bass (03.22)
  7. Unanticipated turns (09.16)
  8. The breeze and us (05.07)
Recorded at Dubersive Studio, Notting Hill Gate, London in November 1996.

Cover artwork and design (reproduced above) by Fay Stephens.

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