Marge 28 Open systems

Assif Tsahar/Hugh Ragin/Peter Kowald/Hamid Drake

Assif Tsahar, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Hugh Ragin, trumpet; Peter Kowalddouble bass, voice; Hamid Drake, drums, frame drums, voice.
  1. Lonely woman (16.10)
  2. The lizards in the maze (12.09)
  3. Fathers and mothers (for Albert Ayler) (06.04)
  4. Hearts remembrance (05.53)
  5. Standing motion (09.45)
  6. Dream weaverts (for Laurence and Alexandre) (11.16)
  7. The call (11.04)
Recorded on 4/5 May 2001 at La Fenetre Studio, Paris.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Obeye Fall; design by Laurent Groffe.

Released in 2001.

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