Matchless MRCD06 Generative themes


Eddie Prévost, percussion; Keith Rowe, guitar, electronics; John Tilbury, piano.

Generative theme i (09.20), Generative theme ii (14.18), Generative theme iii (09.57), Generative theme iv (12.49), Generative theme v (31.07).

Generative themes i-iv were recorded at Crescent Studios, Bath on 11 & 12 December 1982; Generative theme v is a section from an improvisation made at Zagreb Biennale on 24 April 1983.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Keith Rowe incorporating a drawing made by Cornelius Cardew of Eddie Prévost's drum beater.

CD is a re-issue of the LP format on Matchless MRLP06 with the addition of Generative theme v.

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