Matchless MRCD33 Most materiall

Evan Parker/Eddie Prévost

Evan Parker, saxophones; Eddie Prévost, percussion


  1. Double truth (of reason and revelation) (19.51)
  2. Knowledge is power (13.36)
  3. Rejecting simple enumeration (13.46)
  4. That more might have beene done, or sooner (29.00)
  1. Nil novum (12.01)
  2. Skill gave rise to chance, and chance to skill (09.26)
  3. Not so much for the sake of arguing as for the sake of living (12.24)
  4. Let us attend to present business (11.19)
  5. Chastise me, but listen (16.42)
Recorded at Gateway Studios, Kingston, England on 23 February 1997 (CD A and B1) and 13 April 1997 (other tracks).

Front cover painting (reproduced above) Djebel nefousa by Brenda Mayo, 1993.

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