Matchless MRCD63 Reed solos


John Butcher, tenor saxophone (CD2 track 3); Nathaniel Catchpole, tenor saxophone (CD1 track 1); Kai Fagaschinski, clarinet (CD2 tracks 1, 2); Lou Gare, saxophone (CD1 track 3); Evan Parker, soprano saxophone (CD2 track 4); Seymour Wright, saxophone (CD1 track 2).

  1. Maurice Brinton [NC] (18.51)
  2. All Wright! [SW] (12.17)
  3. Saxophony [LG] (16.51)
  1. Manchmal glaube ich schon, daß es überhaupt keine Liebe mehr gibt [KF] (08.53)
  2. Ich kann im Fortschritt keinen Fortschritt sehen [KF] (13.50)
  3. 291/5 [JB] (18.44)
  4. Solo for Hugh Davies [EP] (19.00)
Recorded at 291 Gallery, Hackney, London on 9 January 2005 at an ONGAKU: enjoy_sound production.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Alan & Meg Kemp.

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