Matchless MRCD89 Tri-Borough triptych

Sebastien Lexer/Evan Parker/Eddie Prévost

Sebastien Lexer, piano+; Evan Parker, saxophones; Eddie Prévost, percussion.

  1. Camden (Parker/Prévost) (28.24)
  2. Deptford (Lexer/Prévost) (26.04)
  3. Dalston (Lexer/Parker) (24.55)
Track 1 was recorded on 6 May 2012 during the Freedom of the City festival at The Cecil Sharp House, London; track 2 was recorded on 25 May 2012 at Old Deptford Town Hall, Goldsmiths College, London; track3 was recorded on 15 January 2013 at Cafe Oto, London.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Myah Chun.

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