ReR AMMCD AMMmusic - 1966


Cornelius Cardew, piano, cello and transistor radio; Lou Gare, tenor saxophone and violin, Eddie Prévost, percussion; Keith Rowe, electic guitar and transistor radio; Lawrence Sheaff, cello, accordion, clarinet and transistor radio.

Later during a flaming Riviera sunset (27.53), Later during a flaming Riviera sunset [LP version] (21.03), Ailantus glandulosa (05.27), In the realm of nothing whatever (13.19), After rapidly circling the plaza (24.19), After rapidly circling the plaza [LP version] (20.31), What is there in uselessness to cause you distress? (03.00), silence (00.10).

Recorded at Sound Techniques, London on 8 and 27 June 1966.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) by Keith Rowe.

CD is a 1989 re-issue of the LP AMMmusic, originally released in 1967 as Elektra EUK 256 (UK), with additional material taken from the same recording session. The two tracks on the original LP release have been included on the CD in their abbreviated versions to provide the option of listening to the music as originally released. The final track allows the user to programmes silence as desired.

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