Maya 9501 Obliquities

Evan Parker/Barry Guy

Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones; Barry Guy, double bass and chamber bass.

Marxbrüder (13.47), Botta segreta (03.42), Ecliptic (06.32), Slope (08.39), Belacqua (06.01), Lurch (09.49), Balestra (09.38), Punta reversa (05.44), Fleam (11.36).

Please note: timings above are correct and not as on the CD booklet originally released.

Recorded at Gateway Studio, Kingston upon Thames probably on 2 December 1994 (information from Evan Parker) not 3 December 1994 as indicated on CD.

Cover art (reproduced above): Phonetic paintings No 32 'Trinkle Tinkle' by vanche, 1990, photographed by Jan Landau.

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