Maya MCD9101 Arcus

Barry Guy/Barre Phillips

Barry Guy, piccolo bass tuned A,D,G,C, double bass tuned E,A,D,G; Barre Philips, 5 string bass tuned E,A,D,G,C.

Prophesies [duo] (21.11), Wampho [duo] (02.15), Elliptical [duo] (04.38), Sundance [solo Barry Guy] (06.57), Biwok [solo Barre Phillips] (02.15), Old hunka (an ancestor) [duo] (02.44), Fram [duo] (02.19), Yldona [solo Barre Phillips] (03.23), Sitsoo [solo Barry Guy] (04.39), Warrior spirits [duo] (08.31), Stawna(w)l [duo] (05.27), New earth [duo] (08.59).

Recorded at Chapelle Sainte Philomene, Puget-Ville, France in August 1989.

Cover art (reproduced above) Octavia by Albert Irvin.

Arcus was first released with a cover drawing of Chapelle Sainte Philomene and an excellent photograph of the two players by Jim Four on the back of the CD booklet:

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