Mixtery M00001 Eight by three

Borah Bergman/Anthony Braxton/Peter Brötzmann

Borah Bergman, piano; Anthony Braxton, alto and sopranino saxophones, contrabass clarinet, flute and contrabass flute; Peter Brötzmann, clarinet, tarogato, alto and tenor saxophones

  1. Falconets (06.01)
  2. Propelling the barricade (08.17)
  3. La bas (03.10)
  4. Bending the blend (05.21)
  5. The second whirlpool (09.57)
  6. The red castle (03.56)
  7. Webology (08.30)
  8. Three rivers (03.40)
Recorded at Mixtery Studio, Trumbull, CT, in April 1996.

Art direction (front cover reproduced above) by Kevin Cavallaro.

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