Moers Music 01016 ra 1+2

Evan Parker/Paul Lytton

Evan Parker, saxophones; Paul Lovens, percussion and electronics.

RA 1 (18.51), RA 2 (19.40).

Recorded live at the V. International New Jazz Festival, open air, at Moers, Schlosspark, Germany on 6 June 1976.

Also released as Ring Records with rear cover photograph (by Roberto Masotti) as above. Original Moers Music release featured full colour photograph of Evan Parker, as above, on front, Paul Lytton, as above, on reverse.

Review by Art Lange in Downbeat, vol. 48, no. 3, (March), 1981, pp. 34, 38, rather surprising for the time by acknowledging the independent advances made by European musicians; 4 star rating.

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