Music and Arts CD-1003 gryffgryffgryffs: the 1996 Radio Sweden concert

Barry Guy/Mats Gustafsson/Raymond Strid/ Marilyn Crispell

Barry Guy, double bass; Mats Gustafsson, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone; Raymond Strid, drums; Marilyn Crispell, piano.

  1. gryffgryffgryffs (07.25)
  2. ififif (13.18)
  3. INSCAPE (07.25)
  4. ORG (05.59)
  5. GHAST (14.48)
  6. ORGHAST (06.47)
  7. What else? (08.28)
Recorded 22 January 1996 by P2 Sveriges Radio, at the Radio House, Studio 2, Stockholm.

Cover picture (reproduced above) Udnie by Francis Picabia (1913); graphic design by Amy Wencel.

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