nato 355 KKWTT

Fred Van Hove

Fred Van Hove, piano, composition; Arthur Vanb Der Hoeft, alto-horn, trumpet; Leo Verheyen, trombone; Wim Becu, trombone; Hubert Sleymer, euphonium, trombone; Jozef Matthessen, tuba.

KKWTT for brass quintet and improvised piano: part A1 to 4 (04.36), part A5 to 8 (07.34), part B (07.49), part C1 to 3 (08.40), part C4 (05.47), part 5: marche finale (03.25).

Recorded 17 June 1984, at King Kong, Antwerp and 18 July 1984 at Butte aux Oies, Tassé 72.

Front cover (reproduced above) by Pierre Cornuel.

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