No Business Records NBCD86 Cinema spiral

Jason Roebke Octet

Greg Ward, alto saxophone; Keefe Jackson, tenor and sopranino saxophones, contrabass clarinet; Jason Stein, bass clarinet; Josh Berman, trumpet; Jeb Bishop, trombone; Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone; Jason Roebke, bass; Mike Reed, drums.

  1. Looking directly into the camera (05.29)
  2. Focusing (08.14)
  3. For a moment (07.47)
  4. Getting high (07.11)
  5. People laughing (09.15)
  6. Waiting (05.59)
  7. L'acmé (08.44)
Recorded 9 November 2014 at Minbal Recording, Chicago.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Oskaras Anosovas.

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