Not Two MW 925 Mad dogs on the loose (4CD set)

Barry Guy New Orchestra small formations

Barry Guy, bass; Agustí Fernández, piano; Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones; Mats Gustafsson, baritone and tenor saxophones, fluteophone; Hans Koch, tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinets; Herb Robinson, trumpet; Johannes Bauer, trombone; Per-Åke Holmlander, tuba; Paul Lytton, percussion; Raymond Strid, percussion; Maya Homburger, baroque violin; Trevor Watts, alto saxophone.

    CD 1
  1. Maya Homburger/Hans Koch/Herb Roberton/Raymond Strid (08.42)
  2. Johannes Bauer/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton (13.49)
  3. Johannes Bauer/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton (04.11)
  4. Agustí Fernández/Trevor Watts/Evan Parker (19.16)
  5. Mats Gustafsson/Hans Koch/Per-Åke Holmlander (05.41)
  6. Mats Gustafsson/Hans Koch/Per-Åke Holmlander (03.43)
  7. Mats Gustafsson/Hans Koch/Per-Åke Holmlander (03.16)
    CD 2
  1. Johannes Bauer solo (09.40)
  2. Agustí Fernández/Raymond Strid (14.24)
  3. Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton (26.04)
    CD 3
  1. Herb Robertson/Hans Koch/Raymond Strid/Trevor Watts/Evan Parker (27.17)
  2. Agustí Fernández/Paul Lytton (15.04)
  3. Herb Robertson/Johannes Bauer/Per-Åke Holmlander (14.23)
    CD 4
  1. Tarfala Trio: Mats Gustafsson/Barry Guy/Raymond Strid (25.33)
  2. Tarfala Trio: Mats Gustafsson/Barry Guy/Raymond Strid (03.11)
  3. Ensemble: Barry Guy/Agustí Fernández/Evan Parker/Mats Gustafsson/Hans Koch/Herb Robertson/Johannes Bauer/Per-Åke Holmlander/Paul Lytton/Raymond Strid/Trevor Watts (20.22)
Recorded during the 7th Krakow Jazz Autumn Festival, Alchemia, Kraków, Poland, 21/22 November 2010.

Cover design (front cover reproduced above) layout by Malgorzata Lipinska.

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