NURNICHTNUR LC 5245 BERSLTON 100 03 17 SoloSchichten


Gunda Gottschalk, violin; Danièle Ors, voice; Ute Völker, accordion; Jan Keller, bass; Stefan Keune, sopranino saxophone; Erhard Hirt, guitar, electronics; Martin Theurer, piano; Melvyn Poore, tuba.

  1. SoloSchichten (29.40)
Information from Stefan Keune: this is a CD of a project run by the German video artist Ruth Bamberg in co-operation with her husband, the Swiss clarinet and saxophone player Philippe Micol. They chose 8 musicians to ask questions about culture etc and recorded each one solo for about 15 minutes. The interviews have been published under the title Vom umgang mit dem zufall (ISBN 3-929899-79-5) and the video clips of the musicians were shown at several exhibitions on eight screens simultaneously and non-stop for 24 hours. It was the aim of Bamberg/Micol to work with the asynchronous reproduction of the music withthe video machines. The music on the CD is an arrangement by Phillipe Micol.

Cover (reproduced above) by accidental.

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