Ninth World Music NWM 019 New excursions

Evan Parker + Ghost-in-the-machine

Christer Irgens-Møller, keyboards; Peter Friis Nielsen, electric bass guitar; Pere Oliver Jørgens, percussion, drums; Martin Klapper, amplified objects, tapes, toys; Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones.

  1. Belgravian behavior (06.18)
  2. C.O.D. (02.25)
  3. Pluto's trajectory (06.22)
  4. Deadhead the roses (06.44)
  5. Fumado (09.02)
  6. Block diagram (04.00)
  7. Magnitude (13.44)
Recorded on 19 June 1998 at Copenhagen International Experimental Festival, Cief 5, Copenhagen.

Front art (reproduced above) by Martin Klapper.

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