Ninth World Music NWM 025 25th NWM: the 25th Ninth World Music release

Various musicians

  1. Mark Cunningham, trumpet, loops: Mystery dub (03.21); recorded at Spooky Sound, Barcelona
  2. Walter Prati, electronics: Gioco #6 (02.30)
  3. Johannes Bauer, trombone, tape: Brisk (03.06); recorded at Studio für Elektroakustische Musik, Berlin
  4. Diane Labrosse, sampler: Mister F.C. (02.07)
  5. Ko DeRegt, obukano: Touring around (02.47)
  6. Yasushi Miura, computer: Sonic scripts (02.57); recorded at home, Tokyo
  7. P.O. Jørgens, steeldrums: A state of mind (03.03); recorded at Ninth World Studio
  8. Ikue Mori, electronics: Midnite Express (02.14)
  9. Arve Henriksen: Inner moat (04.00)
  10. Amanda Stewart, voice: Residue (02.32)
  11. Pat Thomas, electronics: Yaqin (01.45); recorded 1999 in Oxford (information from PT)
  12. Carlos Zingaro, vioin interactive with computer: Vital process (02.45); recorded September 2001, live in Lisbon (information from CZ)
  13. Victor Nubla, sampler, electronics: Short promenade (03.05)
  14. Ian Smith, flugelhorn: Savannah serenade (02.47); recorded at the Red Rose, London on 22 August 2000 (information from IS)
  15. Krztysztof Knittel, electronics: 29/E.M.R./H.M. (02.33)
  16. Fred Van Hove, piano: Roll (02.45); recorded 6 August 2001 at theatre Zuidpool, Antwerp (information from FVH)
  17. John Tchicai, flute, programming: Butterfly going home (03.31)
  18. Jørgen Teller: Bastard 2 (02.20)
  19. Raymond Strid, drums, percussion: HiHat (02.57)
  20. Joëlle Léandre, double bass: Solo (02.53)
  21. Gunter Müller, electronics: Elapsed (02.25); recorded in Itingen, Switzerland in summer 2001 (information from GM)
  22. Pierre Dørge, guitar: Sunset behind the mouse (02.58); recorded at Ninth World Studio
  23. Floros Floridis, clarinet: You need two hands to wash your face (02.52); recorded at Academy of Media Arts, Köln in January 2002 (information from FF)
  24. Martin Klapper, toys and amplified objects: Frem/Tilbage (02.54); recorded at Ninth World Studio
  25. Zvi Joffe, vibraphone: Bells for my child (02.36); recorded at Eshel Sound Studio
  26. T.S. Høeg, saxophone, turntable, keyboard: In the nature without thinking of man (02.55); recorded at Ninth World Studio

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