Ninth World Music NWM 036 Flower head

The Wild Mans Band

Peter Brötzmann, alto and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, tarogato; Peter Ole Jørgensen, drums; Peter Friis Nielsen, bass; Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello.

  1. Slander in the potting shed (06.10)
  2. Southern messenger (07.21)
  3. Heavier than air (05.22)
  4. Flower head (07.00)
  5. Bloomer (11.25)
  6. Loxodrome (04.14)
  7. Findals voyage (06.22)
  8. Ten miles to the moor (03.03)
Recorded at Sound Track, Copenhagen in July 2004.

Cover/layout (reproduced above) by Jørgensen/Paaschburg.

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