Ninth World Music NWM 042 Devil's last call

Torden Kvartetten

Mats Gustafsson, saxophones; Per-Âke Holmlander, tuba, trombone; Peter Ole Jørgensen, drums; Peter Friis Nielsen, bass.

  1. Architect shower (10.06)
  2. 325 grams of ell (04.15)
  3. Ståpäls (04.01)
  4. Ambition suck's (16.05)
  5. Devil's last call (09.26)
Recorded at Jazz Club Loco, Stengade 30, Copenhagen on 8 September 2006.

Cover and photographs (reproduced above) by P.O. Jørgens; layout by Renée Paaschburg.

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