Ogun OG 520 Spirits rejoice!

Louis Moholo Octet

Louis Moholo, drums; Evan Parker, tenor saxophone; Kenny Wheeler, trumpet; Nick Evans, trombone; Radu Malfatti, trombone; Keith Tippett, piano; Johnny Dyani, bass; Harry Miller, bass.

  1. Khanya apho ukhona [Shine wherever you are] (08.00)
  2. You ain't gonna know me 'cos you think you know me (07.15)
  3. Ithi-gqi [Appear] (08.00)
  4. Amaxesha osizi [Times of sorrow] (09.50)
  5. Wedding hymn (11.20)
Recorded on 24 January 1978 at Redan Recorders, London.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Andreas Raggenbass.

Re-issued on CD in 2006 as part of OGCD017/018.

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