Ogun OGCD 102/103 Ixesha (Time)

The Dedication Orchestra

Maggie Nicols, voice; Julie Tippetts, voice; David Serame, voice; John Law, voice, additional piano; Harry Beckett, trumpet; Claude Deppa, trumpet; Jim Dvorak, voice, trumpet; Pat Higgs, trumpet; Henry Lowther, trumpet; Kenny Wheeler, trumpet; Ian Hamer, trumpet; Mark Charig, cornet, tenor horn; Dave Amis, trombone; Roland Bates, trombone; Malcolm Griffiths, trombone; Paul Rutherford, trombone; Andy Grappy, tuba; Dave Powell, tuba; Neil Metcalfe, flute; Lol Coxhill, soprano, tenor saxophones; Mike Williams, alto saxophone; Elton Dean, alto saxophone; Evan Parker, tenor saxophone; Sean Bergin, tenor, alto saxophones; Chris Biscoe: baritone saxophone; Keith Tippett, piano; Paul Rogers, double bass; Louis Moholo, drums, voice.

Travelling somewhere [arranged by Steve Beresford] (03:35), Sondela [arranged by Eddie Parker] (06:33), Blues For Nick [arranged by Dave Powell] (06:42), Mofolo [arranged by Paul Rogers] (06:58), The Serpent's kindly eye [arranged by John Warren] (08:13), Lost opportunities [arranged by Keith Tippett] (12:41), Mra [arranged by Sean Bergin] (04:59), Angel-nomali [arranged by Kenny Wheeler] (12:36), Wish you sunshine [arranged by Alex Maguire] (9:13), Bird lives [arranged by Ian Hamer] (04:50), Ixesha [arranged by John Law] (12:44).

Recorded on January 3-5, 1994 at Gateway Studios, Kingston Hill, Surrey, England.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Louis Maqhubela.

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