Okka Disk 12008 Ask the sun

Hamid Drake/Michael Zerang

Hamid Drake; tabla, drum set, djimbe, conga, frame drums, bells, gongs, shakers, cymbals, tambourine, didjeridoo, voice; Michael Zerang, dumbek, frame drums, tambourine, drum set, trap set, dawoola, bells, gongs, cymbals, chimes, bass drums, didjeridoo; Ashik Altany, zurma (track 5); Eddie Zerang, djimbe (track 5).
  1. Sacred womb (for Oshun) (10.05)
  2. The children of Clark St. (08.20)
  3. River dance (11.22)
  4. The wisdom sisters (06.05)
  5. Ararat Mountain two-step (06.04)
  6. The black basement (13.05)
  7. Dreaming of winter (07.02)
  8. Zikr of the heart (10.23)
Recorded 14 and 15 September 1995 at Airwave Studios, Chicago; track 6 recorded on 19 May 1991 live at Club Lower Links, Chicago.

Cover (reproduced above) artist Eric Evans; graphic design by Louise Molnar.

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