Okka Disk OD12053 No one ever works alone


Mats Gustafsson, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone; Ken Vandermark, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, b-flat clarinet; Peter Brötzmann, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, bass saxophone, tarogato, a-clarinet.

  1. Elements of refusal (10.50)
  2. Trees after a fire (13.16)
  3. Broken hymn (10.30)
  4. Death can only kill me once (14.51)
  5. Hammer requiem (06.02)
  6. Blessed assurance, uninsured (08.42)
  7. No one ever works alone (02.46)
Recorded at Loft, Köln on 26 October 2003.

Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Peter Brötzmann; executive design by Louise Molnar.

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