Olof Bright OBCD09 Look at the music

Various musicians

  1. Peter Brötzmann/Lawrence Butch Morris/Garrett List: Tresplantation (13.08); recorded 1984
  2. AALY [Mats Gustafsson/Ken Vandermark/Peter Jansson/Kjell Nordeson with Conny Nimmersjö and John Essing]: Unit character (06.58); recorded 2001
  3. Axel Dörner: Newirs (14.16); recorded 2002
  4. Diskaholics Anonymous Trio [Mats Gustafsson/Thurston Moore/Jim O'Rourke]: Totally gump (23.19); recorded 2000
Originally released in 2002 as part of Seesound/Look at the music: a sound art anthology produced by Ystad Art Museum. This version limited to 150 copies.

Handprinted covers (front cover artwork reproduced above) by Vera Ohlsson.

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