Olof Bright OBEP 6, 7, 8 Trees and truths

Håkan Blomkvist/Mats Gustafsson

Håkan Blomkvist; Mats Gustafsson, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone.

    OBEP 6 (baritone sax):
  1. Related rings of vibrating fibre (04.24)
  2. Non-related trees (03.56)
    OBEP 7 (tenor sax):
  1. Nordströms trä (04.11)
  2. Transformations of one-dimensioned wood (04.09)
    OBEP 8 (tenor and baritone sax):
  1. I really wish I was here (to Raymond Strid) (04.26)
  2. Fucked up people and self-centred mutations with an urge to assert them self and nothing to say (to whom it may concern) (04.14)
Recorded in 4 April 2002 in Ystad Konstmuseum.

"This edition is dedicated to the memory of Peter Kowald (1944-2002)"

These three extended play 45rpm vinyl records, housed in a heavy card box with title stamped on outside, were released in a limited edition of 300 copies in January 2003.

Cover (reproduced above) by Olof Madsen and Leif Elggren.

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