Plag Dich nicht 002 Techno mit störungen

Jon Rose

Frank Schulte, drum machine, samples; Christian Marclay, turntables; Otomo Yoshihide, turntables, samples, guitar; Connie Bauer, trombone; Jon Rose, electric violin, direction; Phil Minton, voice; Lauren Newton, voice; Chris Cutler, drums, low grade electronics; Peter Cusack, bousouki, interactive birds; Iva Bittova, voice; Uli Gumpert, piano, electric organ; Rudi Widerhofer, spoken voice; Fred Frith, acoustic & electric guitars; Sainkho Namchylak, voice; Nicolas Collins, trombone propelled electronics; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; Marc Ribot, electric guitar; Peter Hollinger, drums; Laboratio Di Musica & Imagine [Paolo Angeli, bass tuba, voice; Olivia Bignardi, clarinet; Daniela Cattivelli, alto; Ferdinando D'Andria, trumpet; Silivia Fanti, accordion; Filomena Forleao, piano; Pierangelo Galantino, bass, voice; Salvatore Panu, trombone; Pino Ursu, percussion, voice; Stefano Zorzanello, soprano, flute].

  1. Techno mit störungen [34 tracks] (62.45)

Note by Jon Rose: This record is an edited version of the piece TECHNO MIT STÖRUNGEN that took place on 11/11/95 as part of the festival "music unlimited" at Alter Schlachthof Wels, Austria. The original piece lasted two and a half hours. The DAT used for this CD was recorded directly off the mixer, consequently there were some problems with the balance and sound on the tape which would not have been audible in the concert space. So to compensate, this document you are listening to now has been a little "produced" using standard studio techniques... Hopefully it retains the spirit of the original performance.

Sleeve design (front cover reproduced above) by Johannes Zachhuber.

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