Po Torch PTR/JWD 3 Paul Rutherford/Paul Lovens

Paul Rutherford/Paul Lovens

Paul Rutherford trombone, euphonium; Paul Lovens, percussion instruments, zither, etc.

  1. And when I say slowly, I mean as soon as possible (27.24)
  2. 1. Tape/2nd half: Du chat botté (09.08)
  3. 3. Tape: Armand schultess (04.54)
  4. 7. Tape: As deafness increases (12.04)
Track 1 (first side of LP) recorded in Berlin live at the Quartier Latin during the 9th Total Music Meeting, in November 1976; other tracks recorded in Berlin FMP studio on a day off, November 1977.

Front cover painting (part reproduced above) by Friedrich Kuhn.

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