psi 02.02 The grass is greener

Han Bennink/Evan Parker

Han Bennink, percussion; Evan Parker, saxophone.

  1. Traps of appetite (15.15)
  2. Traps of instinct (20.23)
  3. Outside the usual rules of the eating game (05.18)
  4. Smoke of sacrifice (07.30)
  5. The empty hook (05.23)
  6. Coyotes are eating pure bred poodles in Beverly Hills (02.24)
  7. Pluto has a moon (04.21)
  8. To tangle lure and snare (02.03)
Recorded at Gateway Studios, London on 16 March 2000; produced by Evan Parker.

Titles found in Lewis Hyde's Trickster makes this world.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Han Bennink.

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