psi 03.01 At the Unity Theatre

Evan Parker/Paul Lytton

Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones, lyttonophone, pole drum, bullroarer, cassettes of prior performances; Paul Lytton, percussion and live electronics, voice.

  1. In the midst of laughter and glee (17.59)
  2. On reflection (05.22)
  3. Mild steel rivets for P.H. (14.41)
  4. The Dirlston Dirler (07.21)
  5. Through consensus (18.18)
  6. To Unity (03.55)
Recorded at the Unity Theatre London, 7 January 1975.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Graeme Murray.

Tracks 1-4 originally released in 1975 on LP as Incus 14.

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