psi 04.01 Song for someone

Kenny Wheeler

Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, flugelhorn; Ian Hamer, trumpet; Greg Bowen, trumpet; Dave Hancock, trumpet; Keith Christie, trombone; Bobby Lamb, trombone; Chris Pyne, trombone; David Horler, trombone; Jim Wilson, bass trombone; Malcom Griffiths, bass trombone (track 5); Alfie Reece, tuba; Duncan Lamont, tenor saxophone, flute; Mike Osborne: alto saxophone; Alan Branscombe: piano, electric piano; John Taylor: electric piano; Ron Mathewson: bass; Tony Oxley, percussion; Norma Winstone, voice; Evan Parker, tenor and soproano saxophone (tracks 4, 5); Derek Bailey, guitar (track 5).
  1. Toot-toot (04.14)
  2. Ballad two (08.26)
  3. Song for someone (02.40)
  4. Causes are events (08.15)
  5. The good doctor (15:15)
  6. Nothing changes (04.23)
Recorded at Olympic Sound Studios, London on 10 & 11 January 1973.

Previously released on LP as Incus 10.

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