psi 04.06/7 america 2003


Evan Parker, tenor and soprano saxophones; Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano; Paul Lytton, percussion.
    CD1 (psi 04.06)
  1. Rejoicing in their hearts over the journey (21.44)
  2. Ask to be taken on as a trumpeter [Schlippenbach solo] (05.39)
  3. This blowing of trumpets confused them (09.45)
  4. What memories of the past were recalled! (08.15)
  5. Perhaps this was his chance (08.21)
  6. To avoid monotony (06.07)
    CD2 (psi 04.07)
  1. No one wanted to be an artist but every man wanted to be paid for his labours (14.56)
  2. The breath of coldness [Parker solo] (10.16)
  3. Are you strong enough for heavy work? (10.03)
  4. I had a friend among the angels (12.48)
  5. Down with all those who do not believe in us (11.32)
All titles taken from The nature theatre of Oklahoma, the unfinished final chapter of Franz Kafka's America translated by Willa and Edwin Muir.

CD1 recorded at New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center on 1 May 2003; CD2 recorded at Seattle Asian Art Museum on 14 May 2003.

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Caroline Forbes.

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