psi 04.10 Gubbröra

Sten Sandell/David Stackenas/Parker/Guy/Lytton

Sten Sandell, piano, voice, electronics; David Stackenas, guitars; Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones; Barry Guy, double bass; Paul Lytton, percussion.
  1. Jansson's temptation (part 1) [SS/DS] (22.35)
  2. Jansson's temptation (part 2) [SS/DS] (15.13)
  3. Gubbröra [Quintet] (33.35)
Recorded in concert at freedom of the city 2004, Conway Hall, London on 3 May 2004.

Cover image (reproduced above) Banana boat (after Alfred Wallace) by Evan Parker; photograph by Caroline Forbes.

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