psi 06.06 Free zone Appleby 2005

Gerd Dudek/Tony Levin/Evan Parker/Tony Marsh/Paul Dunmall/Philipp Wachsmann/John Edwards/Kenny Wheeler/Paul Rogers

Gerd Dudek/Tony Levin; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; Tony Marsh, drums; Paul Dunmall, saxophones; Philipp Wachsmann, violin, electronics; John Edwards, bass; Kenny Wheeler, trumpet; Paul Rogers, bass.

  1. Red Earth Trio-1 [KW/PR/TL] (12.55)
  2. Red Earth Quartet-1 [EP/GD/JE/TL] (20.13)
  3. Red Earth Trio-2 [GD/JE/TM] (11.38)
  4. Red Earth Trio-3 [PD/PW/TL] (14.06)
  5. Red Earth Nonet (15.42)
Recorded in Ancient Space, St Michael's Church, Appleby on 31 July 2005.

Cover painting (reproduced above) Red earth by Phil Morsman.

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