psi 07.05/6 Spin networks


FURT [Richard Barrett, Paul Oberayer], electronics; John Butcher, soprano and tenor saxophones; Rhodri Davies, celtic and concert harps; Paul Lovens, percussion; Phil Minton, voice; Wolfgang Mitterer, prepared piano, electronics; Ute Wassermann, voice.
    CD1 (psi 07.05)
  1. fOKT III [Octet (S)] (31.40)
  2. Volume [RD/UW (BB)] (07.01)
  3. Temperature [JB/RD/PL/WM (K)] (08.29)
  4. Solution G [FURT + PM (BB)] (09.52)
  5. Nekton [Octet (B)] (13.51)
    CD2 (psi 07.06)
  1. Plankton [Octet (S)] (19.47)
  2. Solution H [FURT + WM (S)] (09.27)
  3. Pressure [JB/RD/PM/UW (B)] (10.15)
  4. fOKT II [Octet (B)] (36.01)
Recorded in December 2005, on 1st at Baden-Baden, SWR Studio 1 (B), on 2nd at Karlsruhe, ZKM, on 3rd at Basel, Garde du Nord and on 4th at Stuttgart, Theaterhaus.

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Kees Tazelaar.

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