psi 10.08 Cry, want

Hans Koller with Bill Frisell

Percy Pursglove, trumpet; Robbie Robson, trumpet; Jim Rattigan, French horn; Mark Nightingale, trombone; Sarah Williams, bass trombone; Finn Peters, alto saxophone; Robin Fincker, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Hans Koller, electric piano; Bill Frisell, guitar; Dave Whitford, double bass; Jeff Williams, drums; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone (tracks 5, 8).

  1. Nocturne (06.23)
  2. Farewell (05.07)
  3. Riff raff (06.26)
  4. Estuary (04.09)
  5. Hermetique (02.35)
  6. Quasimodo (03.17)
  7. Reunion (09.43)
  8. Cry, want (13.00)
Recorded at Eastcote Studios, London on 10 November 2009.

Cover illustration (reproduced above) by Rina Donnersmarck.

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