psi 11.04 Lio Leo Leon

London Improvisers Orchestra

Track 1: Roland Ramanan, trumpet; Ian Smith, trumpet; Robert Jarvis, trombone; Alan Tomlinson, trombone; John Rangecroft, clarinet, tenor saxophone; David Ryan, clarinets; Noel Taylor, clarinets; Harrison Smith, bass clarinet; Neil Metcalfe, flute; Terry Day, pipes, etc.; Sonia Paço-Rocchia, bassoon; Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone; Adrian Northover soprano and alto saxophones; Ricardo Tejero, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Caroline Kraabel alto and baritone saxophones; Alison Blunt, violin; Christoph Irmer, violin; Ivor Kallin, violin, viola; Philipp Wachsmann, violin, viola; Charlotte Hug, viola; Benedict Taylor, viola; Hannah Marshall, cello; Marcio Mattos, cello; Barbara Meyer, cello; Dominic Lash, double bass; David Leahy, double bass; Guillaume Viltard, double bass; Adam Bohman, amplified objects; Eugene Martynec, electronics; Tania Chen, phone, melodica; Robert Sassi, electric guitar; Dave Tucker, electric guitar; Jackie Walduck, vibraphone; Steve Beresford, piano; Veryan Weston, piano; Javier Carmona, percussion; Tony Marsh, percussion; Louis Moholo-Moholo, percussion; Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet (track 8); Leon Michener, piano (track 4).

  1. Before tapping [improvisation] (08.15)
  2. Wiretapping [conducted by Alison Blunt] (12.36)
  3. After tapping [improvisation] (04.22)
  4. Concerto for soft-loud key-box No. 2 [featuring Leon Michener, conducted by Steve Beresford] (10.02)
  5. Inhale exhale [conducted by Philipp Wachsmann] (14.12)
  6. Numbers listening [conducted by Caroline Kraabel] (05.48)
  7. After numbers [improvisation] (04.18)
  8. Concerto for Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith & Orchestra [conducted by Dave Tucker] (12.36)
All recorded at Freedom of the City, Conway Hall, London: on 2 May 2010.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Jenny Gallego.

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