Random Acoustics RA 003 Chamber works 1990-92

Georg Graewe

15 duets (13.02)

Phil Minton, voice; Michael Moore, clarinet; Anne le Baron, harp; Georg Graewe, piano; Hans Schneider, bass; Gerry Hemingway, drums.
Recorded at Museum Bochum on 4 January 1991.

Flavours A (edited version): a. (04.46), b. (06.50), c. (03.49), d. (02.16), e. (01.45).

Phil Wachsmann, violin; Melvyn Poore, tuba; Georg Graewe, piano,
Recorded in Donaueschingen on October 18 1991.

Variations Q: i (09.59); ii (03.29); iii (03.43).

Horst Grabosch, trumpet; Michael Moore, bass clarinet; Ernst Reijseger, cello; Georg Graewe, piano.
Recorded at Stadtgarten Koln on November 3 1992. This was performed as 'part of GrubenKlangOrchester's Jubilee Tour programme in 1992. It is taken from the same recording session that also produced most of the Flavours, fragments CD'.

Artwork and design by Hans Schneider and Georg Graewe.

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