Random Acoustics RA 021 Unique horn 1997

Martin Mayes

Martin Mayes, solo and multi-tracked horns, as indicated.

  1. Requiem per Guelfo part 1 [for solo hand horn and resonating rooms] (06.57)
    Recorded on 28 September 1995 at Forte di Bard, Val d'Aosta, Italy.
  2. Requiem per Guelfo part 2 [for solo modern Bb/F horn and resonating rooms] (17.10)
    Recorded as track 1.
  3. ... sands with printless foot... [for solo 'Dopp-le Horn' and modern Bb/F horn] (11.50)
    Recorded on 8 October 1993 at Teatro Colosseo, Rome.
  4. "I think it was a coincidence" [for speaking voice and prerecorded voices and horns] (06.48)
    Female voices - Peggy Morrison - recorded in Scotland mid-1970s; M. Mayes recorded February - April 1997.
  5. Piccoli paesaggi [for solo horn with prerecorded horns and water] (10.00)
    Source tapes recorded by M. Mayes October 1989 and March 1997.
  6. Suite from Cantata #4 [for four horns] (06.57)
    Recorded 1 and 2 July 1996 at the Teatro Juvarra, Torino, Italy.
Artwork and design (front cover reproduced above) by Laura Piglione.

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